It's My Birthday!

Did you get me something? I have something for you!

It’s been awhile since I’ve written to you lovely people, and I apologize. Even sexy minxes get the blues, unfortunately. For those who have reached out privately, inquiring as to my whereabouts and health, thank you for checking in. I’ll do my best to reply to you soon.

Mental health isn’t necessarily sexy, but openly discussing it is. Reaching out is one of the hardest things to do for someone struggling. We can literally be drowning and still say, “I’m fine.”

If you or someone you love suffers from depression or any other form of mental illness, I urge you to reach out if you can. It’s hard, but it’s worth it. Choose to pull yourself up each day and look to the sun.

On another note…

It’s my birthday!! I’ve always loved my birthday, since I was a little girl. I’ve never been one for parties or any of that jazz, I just enjoyed the time shared with my grandfather mostly. We shared a birthday, 59 years apart, and it always made me feel special. He’s been gone a number of years now, and I’ve chased that special feeling ever since.

So today, instead of feeling mournful for what I’ve lost (and the fact that damn, I’m getting old!) I want to celebrate life. I woke up this morning, and that’s more than some people can say. This world is topsy turvy, more so than usual, right now. Things are not certain. We lost an icon and trailblazer just yesterday. Tomorrow isn’t promised.

I promise, I’m finished being maudlin now!

A few announcements!

I’ve been working on a project for about a month now and will be ready to release it to the world (hopefully!) on October 1st. Demeter’s School of Sex will be available via my Patreon.

What’s a school of sex, you ask? Well, some of that is up to you! My most recent articles have been more on the educational side of sexuality and have received excellent feedback. I’ve been asked by a number of fans to expand on these topics and more, so I created the School in order to do that.

Is there a topic you’ve always wanted to know more about? Would you like to literally hear my experiences? Becoming a patron will provide you with access to audio, video, and exclusive writings, not available anywhere else. We can talk about anything. I promise, it’ll be a lot more fun than Sex Ed was in school.

As for today, even though it’s my birthday, I want to give YOU a gift. From the time of this writing until Monday morning (September 21st) at 0800 EST, I’d like to offer a clip for sale at a reduced rate.

This is the first time I’ve offered a clip openly, but I’m feeling generous! The clip will feature toy play and squirting <3 Reply to this email for more information on how to get yours! I’ll be recording the clip this evening, and estimate its length at about 5 minutes or so. I would normally charge $50 for something of this nature, but if you take advantage of my birthday special, I’ll reduce the price to $25.

If videos aren’t your thing, I also have a photo set available for the same limited time (5 photos), normally priced at $50 as well, $25 until Monday. I promise, I’ll be in my birthday suit!

Last but not least, if none of that is appealing, but you’d still like to support my work, I have an Amazon Wishlist and Kofi

I hope this finds you all well, healthy, and safe.

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