My Pleasure Is Not Your Responsibility

We're all responsible for making sure we get what we need.

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Happy Friday, everyone. This is the last Friday in June, let’s make it a great one.

Normally, at this time of year, I’ve been to the beach a few times already and am working on my tan. I’m lucky enough to live on the coast, so this is an easy trip. However, with everything going on in the world today, beach trips are last on my list, sadly.

I did manage to make it to the beach last week, in the late evening. Hubby and I spent most of the day, running away from rain, and attempting to find locales for some naughty photography.

As I mentioned in my last letter to you, I’m offering these photos for purchase. The edits are as complete as they’ll ever be, considering I’m not a professional editor!

A few people took advantage of the deal I’m offering, which is still in effect. If you purchase an annual subscription or higher, you’ll receive 10 photos as a bonus!

If that’s not your cup of tea, photos are $10 each. Please reply to this letter once you’ve sent payment so I know where to send your photos. You can CashApp payment to $Demeterdelune

If CashApp isn’t available in your area, please send me a note and we’ll work something out.

On to the story!

Pleasure is a personal thing. What does it for me could turn someone else off completely. That’s the beauty of individuality. It’s also the crux of many sexual issues within relationships. When you make your pleasure the responsibility of another person, you may find yourself left wanting.

I was 10 plus years into my sex life before I ever had an orgasm. For a long time after it finally happened, I questioned if I was choosing poorly when it came to companions or if I was doing something wrong.

Yes and yes.

When it comes to our pleasure, it’s up to us to ensure it happens. Sure, it’s awesome having a partner who just ‘gets it right’, but that isn’t the norm. Each person needs something different; so unless your partner is a mind reader, it’s unlikely they’ll just figure it out without a bit of direction from you.

It’s your job to say what you need; it’s your partner’s job to listen and take the appropriate actions.

I grew up hearing nothing about sex or sexual pleasure, save the book my mother bought for me when I started my period. Our Bodies, Ourselves is still a wonderful resource for young women, just learning about their bodies. I posit it’s just as important for women of any age to read and already have a copy to give to my daughter once she’s older.

Although reading is how I learned so many things as a young woman, it’s much different than openly discussing a topic. The Joy of Sex was another resource, but one I had no real life experience to compare to.

No one told me it was okay to talk about the things I was reading and absorbing with a sexual partner.

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Happy Father's Day!

Or, just happy Sunday!

For all the dads out there, I hope this finds you enjoying your day! The story I’m sharing below mentions Daddies…sort of! It’s a quick course in what I need in order to be dominated, and it’s pretty hot!

Before we dive into the BDSM world, let me take a moment to say thank you to everyone who’s purchased a subscription. You all rock!!

This week, I was lucky enough to finally get outdoors for some new photo opportunities! The hubby ever so kindly allowed me to drag him through the forest, onto the beach, and even to a local cemetery.

I’m still working on edits, but am almost finished.

These photos are available in sets or singles. Drop me a line (just reply to this email!) and let me know if you’re interested.

For one week only, if you sign up for an annual (or more) subscription, you’ll get 10 photos right to your inbox as a bonus!

On to the story…

Being a sexual switch has its advantages. Depending on my mood, I can easily flow from one role to another without question. And when I’m in a submissive mood? Watch out, because things can get wild, fast.

But I need you to do a few things for me before we get there.

In any relationship, there needs to be trust and communication. They’re the cornerstones of good relationships for a reason. When you’re talking about being kinky in the bedroom, especially, there has to be a lot of talk about it before anything actually happens.

There are safe words, soft and hard limits, who will play what role, etc.

Once the conversation is over though, I want you to just DO IT.

We institute a safe word for a reason. We’ve had the talk, you know what I am and am not into.

So please don’t waver.

If you’re going to dominate me, then I need you to dominate. For the moment anyway, you run things. This is your show.

I’m a player in your game and I anxiously await your next command.

You know I love it when you spank me. I am a brat, after all. But please, for the sake of all that’s holy, don’t hesitate. Take me in your lap, over your knees, or insist I get on all fours.

This bum is yours for the taking, make it sing.

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A Man Watched Me Have Sex With His Wife

He actually PAID me to do so and loved every second of the cuckold experience.

A cuckold is a man who is generally denied sex with his partner, while she goes out and enjoys relations with more virile men. Historically, it could also refer to men who unwittingly raise children that aren’t biologically their own.

When you think of the term cuckold, visions of a hot wife being taken by a bull usually come to mind. I never thought I would be the bull.

Pornography has shown us this scene happens with the husband present, but this isn’t always the case. Obviously, it wouldn’t be very fun to view without the poor guy in attendance and would require more plot explanation than porn is known for.

Years ago, I met a gentleman through CollarMe, a site for Dominants and submissives to connect with one another. My profile was set up for my Dominatrix business to draw in clients.

Johnny and his wife had a couple’s profile, indicating they were searching for a Dominant woman for them both. Although threesomes with a couple were something I had done in my personal life, it wasn’t something I was interested in professionally.

However, after a few conversations, it became clear a threesome isn’t what they were searching for.

Johnny was a cuckold and Valerie preferred the company of women for her hot wife adventures.

Valerie and Johnny weren’t your typical cuckold and hot wife couple. They enjoyed a fulfilling sex life together. But every once in awhile, they enjoyed role playing, which included Valerie being well serviced by a powerful woman.

The idea was intriguing to me, from multiple standpoints. I could see the appeal for Valerie and Johnny. One of my biggest rules for myself was not to have sex with a client, but I easily got around that by considering Johnny my patron, not Valerie.

It was Johnny who desired to be submissive, by being ‘forced’ to watch his wife be pleasured by another woman, unable to do anything about it.

I agreed to meet Valerie over cocktails during Happy Hour at a local bar. Johnny didn’t need to be there. In fact, it was best he remain at home, unsure of what the night would bring.

Anticipation is one helluva drug.

While we sipped martinis and talked, Valerie sent texts to Johnny, telling him what was going to happen once we arrived at their place. In turn, I was sending messages on the website, taunting him about what I would do to his wife.

I’ll admit, it was one of the hottest dates I’ve ever been on, especially considering nothing sexual had happened, yet.

…There’s more to the story, of course. I’ll post a friend link at the end of this post. For those who’ve subscribed to the paid version of my newsletter, you’ll be receiving a special version of this, including a steamy photo I happen to have from this night!

If you want to get in on the fun, it’s not too late. You can subscribe monthly or annually, OR take the plunge and upgrade your annual membership and receive even more benefits.

I can’t wait to show you what all I have in store.

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I Misplaced My Husband During My First Orgy

I could have sworn I left him right there...

Getting lost in a crowd is not an unusual occurrence for me. I’ve always been a daydreamer and tend toward introspection, even when I should be paying attention to my surrounds. As my grandfather liked to say, I don’t have a ton of situational awareness.

Losing an entire person in a room full of other naked people, however, was a new one for me.

My second husband and I had been dating for a few months when we made our first trip to the most local to us swinger’s club. We were still dipping our toes into the pool, so I wanted to start with a smaller club.

This wasn’t our first foray into the swinging world. We’d attended one house party together and had met a few couples. But it was our first trip to a club.

Nervous about attending a party and not knowing anyone ahead of time, I posted on the swinging website, Adult Friend Finder, letting others in our area know we would be attending the party Saturday night.

I thought it would be helpful to see a friendly face or two.

Turns out, the club was further away than our friends wanted to travel, so we were on our own.

The club was located in a residential neighborhood in a home they’d converted. There was a backyard, with 10-foot privacy fencing, just in case folks wanted to take the party outside. Club rules required you to be dressed appropriately when outside the front of the house, as they didn’t want the neighbors complaining and having them shut down.

I was surprised by the location, being honest. Hiding in plain sight works well. Once inside, it was obvious the place was once a single-family home, but they’d closed in the large garage area for tables/chairs; providing a place for neutral meeting and greeting.

Three bedrooms were outfitted with two queen beds pushed together, each, and one had a sex swing in the corner as well.

You know, exactly how I’d like my bedroom at home if I didn’t have children!

As with any swinger’s event, there are rules. Most are common sense related. No touching without consent. Be sure to ask about each couple’s rules before playing. No photography without consent of all parties. Condoms are on the table. Lube is available.

Just bring your open mind and the fun makes itself.

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