A Special Offer For My Fans

Lelo is having a one-day sale, plus what I've been up to.

It’s Masturbation May, Memorial Day is coming soon, so why shouldn’t you? Lelo is having a site-wide sale, beginning May 30th and ending June 1st, but because you had the good sense to subscribe to my newsletter, I’m going to tell you about an awesome one day deal they have going on, tomorrow only!

Go to Lelo’s site here, and use the code LOVEYOURSELF on Wednesday, May 26, 2021 only and you’ll get 25 percent off all full-priced items!

Don’t worry, I’ll come back before the 30th to give you the low-down on the items that will be on sale, but I can tell you now, some of these great toys will be up to 50 percent off! If you missed it, I reviewed their awesome Tiani 3 Couples Vibrator:

If You Are Searching For a Couples Vibrator, The Lelo Tiani 3 Has it All

Things have been a bit crazy around these parts since we last spoke, which seems to be the new normal. I felt like I wrote more this month, but I just went back and counted and it’s actually pretty equitable. Hmmm. I guess I’ve been busy going crazy instead! In case you missed anything, these are the pieces that have resonated the most with my readers this month, so far.

The Most Dangerous Date of My Life Wasn’t Because of Sex Work

What Happens When You’re a Sex Worker and a Parent?

The Top 7 Things Women Don’t Owe Men

I’ve mentioned before that my husband began writing over on Medium, too. He was pretty quiet for a while, but he’s back to writing so of course, I want to promote his work. Give him a follow, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Sometimes Reality is Better Than Fantasy Can Ever Be—

A great piece delving into Damian’s thoughts on what he thought threesomes would be like versus the reality of them.

Masturbation May Affect Your Sex Life, But Not How You Think—

Guys, do you worry that you masturbate too much? Ever experienced death grip? This piece may help.

I hope you’re all participating in Masturbation May happily and pleasurably! <3