Casual Encounters Are Nothing to be Ashamed Of

Being honest about what you’re looking for is the key to successful encounters.

Years ago, Craigslist had a section for Casual Encounters. I’ll admit, I placed ads there on occasion, when I was looking for a friend with benefits without emotional attachment.

Yes, women look for those, too.

One night stands, friends with benefits, and casual dating are all valid forms of sexual expression. Women and men seek these kinds of connections, oftentimes when they aren’t ready or in a position to enter into a long term romantic relationship. They may not have the bandwidth to give their emotional all to a person, but their sexual desires are still present.

There’s nothing wrong with seeking encounters like these. A healthy sex drive is not something to feel shame about. What is wrong is leading someone to believe what you’re searching for is something other than a casual encounter, if that’s all you’re in it to accomplish.

It’s archaic to believe men are always down for casual sex, while women are not. Though research indicates women are more satisfied when they’re the instigators, and when they enjoy the sex, and have less regrets about the encounter.

Casual sex can be a mood and self esteem booster for both genders.

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