Demeter's Corner of the World

Here's hoping this finds you well

We’re born curious creatures. Watch the children around you. They can’t help but explore their surrounding world, typically without regard for their own safety. Their innocence and eagerness should inspire us all.

The state of the world today is a scary one, though this isn’t news. There’s been something going on for a long time, the something just changes.

With the rise of cases of COVID-19, people are afraid. When people are scared, they react, sometimes badly. Fear causes us to behave in ways we wouldn’t normally.

Your feelings, whatever they are, are valid. They’re yours and you’re allowed to feel them. Just don’t let them take over your life and allow you to be irrational.

Be prepared, but don’t overdo it. Take care of yourself and your loved ones, but not at the expense of others.

I know this isn’t my usual newsletter. But I care for each of you I truly hope you’re all well out there.

Take care and stay safe.