Demeter's Newsletter No.7

Cum inside and get a surprise!

We’re a little over a week into the new year and things are moving along quickly!

I’ve written a lot, but I don’t want to flood you with a ton of stories, so I’ll just highlight the ones I think you’ll enjoy most.

Last time, I asked if there’s anything you guys wanted to see coming from me. I got a couple of responses and I listened. This week, I recorded my first audio! I read one of my recent articles and posted it on my YouTube channel. I also linked it in the article. I’ll be sure to link that one so you can check it out.

I’ve started a podcast channel in order to post more audio only and hopefully, come up with better sound. You’ll find it here.

Consumables are something I’ve been asked about a few times, so let me address that here. Yes, you can purchase panties, socks, and other items direct from me! Please email for pricing and options.

On to the stories!

This week, I received my first sex toy for review. Boy did we have fun!

My Husband Used a Sex Toy on Me

This article includes the audio track on YouTube:

Do You Want to Know How Kinky I Am?

A comprehensive guide to BDSM terms:

How to Educate Yourself in BDSM From a Dominatrix

Spank you so much for reading!