Happy Sexy Valentine's Day!

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It’s Valentine’s Day and I can’t wait to share my sexiest stories with you all today. Instead of sharing just ONE story, I thought I would go back to linking a few. It’s the beginning of the weekend, so why not give you plenty to occupy your time?

I’ve seen the tag, “Single’s Awareness Day” and I’m not sure I care for it. Unless, you’re aware and loving it! Too often, those who are partnered think it’s okay to knock the single life. We were all there once. And there’s nothing wrong with it.

My dear friend, and sexy witchy sister, Yael Wolfe wrote this piece about being single on Valentine’s Day I think you’ll all love.

For All the Single People on Valentine’s Day

You all know how much I love threesomes. They’re fun, when done with respect and lots of communication. My other sexy witchy sister, Ena Dahl, wrote this piece about some common fears when entering into a threesome, and how to overcome them.

The Fears That Kill Your Threesome Dreams

Whether partnered or on your own, I hope your day is filled with love, affection, and lots of sexy good times. If you don’t have plans already, take some time to read these sexy pieces to yourself or with your partner and let the good times roll.

What Happens When Your Friend Loves Sex As Much As You Do?

This is What Happens When Your Sexual Needs Are Met

I appreciate you all and hope you have the best Valentine’s Day ever. If you’re feeling generous, I would love it if you’d buy me a coffee.