How You Can Support Sex Workers Right Now

Making an appointment with your favorite sex worker shouldn’t happen in person, now— but there are things you can do to support them.

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Sex workers are struggling through this pandemic, especially those who meet with their clients in person. If there’s someone you see on a regular basis, there are things you can do to help support sex workers right now.

Ask about cam services

While being self-isolated can be depressing, why not brighten your day by contacting your favorite sex worker and seeing if they offer cam services? Most people are being required to shelter in place, and if your companion is available, this is a fantastic way to help support their business and get something fun in the process.

Ask about personal shows, clips for sale, and live feeds. Your companion may offer one or all of these services right now while they’re self isolating.

Ask about photo sets

Your companion may provide custom photo sets just for you. This is something I’ve done for clients in the past and it’s turned out well. If you see a Dominatrix in particular, these photos can provide many hours of pleasure, coupled with text, to keep you occupied until you can be with your Domme again.

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