How Your Partners Can Make You Feel Amazing From Afar

An unexpected surprise from our third made for a powerful experience.

One of the first stories I published here was about threesomes my husband and I had with our regular third, Char. Once a year is regular, right? Though we don’t get together as often as any of us would like, Char and I talk all the time.

Recently, she’s started referring to a good friend from work as her ‘work wife’. 

Being me, I had to give her a hard time and ask where did that leave me? She replied, well, you’re my sister wife, of course!

Yesterday afternoon, I opened Messenger to a lovely surprise. Char recorded two short videos of herself, showing me the lovely wet, slickness I’ve missed so much.

She kindly sent a gorgeous photo from behind, showcasing one of her best assets as well. Her smackable booty. And no set would be complete without beautiful breasts, complete with piercings; which I love toying with, nibbling on, and clicking with my teeth.

Needless to say, hubby and I were both hot and bothered after enjoying our surprise.

It’s an understatement to say bedtime could not get here quickly enough.

Hubby pulled out all the stops and brought every toy we own to bed. I love it when he does that. It’s beyond hot to me when a man is secure in his masculinity and understands toys are an added bonus, not any kind of replacement.

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