I Misplaced My Husband During My First Orgy

I could have sworn I left him right there...

Getting lost in a crowd is not an unusual occurrence for me. I’ve always been a daydreamer and tend toward introspection, even when I should be paying attention to my surrounds. As my grandfather liked to say, I don’t have a ton of situational awareness.

Losing an entire person in a room full of other naked people, however, was a new one for me.

My second husband and I had been dating for a few months when we made our first trip to the most local to us swinger’s club. We were still dipping our toes into the pool, so I wanted to start with a smaller club.

This wasn’t our first foray into the swinging world. We’d attended one house party together and had met a few couples. But it was our first trip to a club.

Nervous about attending a party and not knowing anyone ahead of time, I posted on the swinging website, Adult Friend Finder, letting others in our area know we would be attending the party Saturday night.

I thought it would be helpful to see a friendly face or two.

Turns out, the club was further away than our friends wanted to travel, so we were on our own.

The club was located in a residential neighborhood in a home they’d converted. There was a backyard, with 10-foot privacy fencing, just in case folks wanted to take the party outside. Club rules required you to be dressed appropriately when outside the front of the house, as they didn’t want the neighbors complaining and having them shut down.

I was surprised by the location, being honest. Hiding in plain sight works well. Once inside, it was obvious the place was once a single-family home, but they’d closed in the large garage area for tables/chairs; providing a place for neutral meeting and greeting.

Three bedrooms were outfitted with two queen beds pushed together, each, and one had a sex swing in the corner as well.

You know, exactly how I’d like my bedroom at home if I didn’t have children!

As with any swinger’s event, there are rules. Most are common sense related. No touching without consent. Be sure to ask about each couple’s rules before playing. No photography without consent of all parties. Condoms are on the table. Lube is available.

Just bring your open mind and the fun makes itself.

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