I’m Married and I Want Sex With Another Man

Yes, my husband knows, it's on my bucket list!

I wrote about my naughty bucket list last year and one of the items I mentioned is having a MFM threesome with my husband. This prompted multiple conversations with him since, about fantasies we’ve both had and what we plan to do to complete them.

Since I wrote that piece, my husband has shared his own sexual bucket list with me and we found we have a lot of the same fantasies to work toward.

Surprisingly, he was onboard with my MFM fantasy.

We have a somewhat open relationship, but adding another man to the mix was never on the table and I didn’t know that it ever would be. As time has passed and our relationship has progressed, it’s something we’ve both considered intently.

The more I think about it, the more I want it to happen. I enjoy being attended to. Who doesn’t? And it’s not at all that I don’t feel I get enough attention from my husband, but I’m not one to turn down additional attention.

In preparation for all this attention, we’ve recently played a lot with extra toys in the bedroom.

We have a thrusting realistic dildo that mimics a second penis that works beautifully to give me an idea of what it will be like to have another real penis in the bed with us.

It’s soft enough on the outside to feel real, while maintaining the perfect erection all the time. It’s a little larger than average, around 6 inches, and fairly girthy, so we use it for vaginal penetration only.

What I love about it is the thrusting action, which can be slow or fast depending on your preferences. It has a good weight as well, so it feels realistic.

Although it’s impossible to work on positioning without a second person, we’re getting the idea of how things will work internally at least. The feelings of fullness and how to alternate thrusting are easy to do with toys before moving on to adding a real person to the mix.

I’ve been involved in MFM threesomes in the past, just not with my husband. Unfortunately, most of those experiences weren’t that great.

For the most part, they weren’t centered around me and that isn’t what I’m looking for. It may sound like I’m being greedy and that’s okay, maybe I am.

A MFM threesome isn’t something I want or will have every night, it’s something I want every once in awhile, so if in the process of getting what I want, that means I want all the attention on me, so be it.

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