My Often Strange But Wonderful Sexual Journey

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Recently, my dear friend Yael Wolfe challenged me to write about my map of sexual awakenings. We all have moments in our lives, where we realize something big is happening. They may be soft and subtle, or strike us like lightning, but when it comes to our sexuality, oftentimes, it’s a bit of both.

For myself, until my mid-twenties, I was as naive as they come. There were many moments I can recall that contributed to the sexual person I am today, some good, some bad.

Was I prescient enough at the time to recognize what was happening?

Not at all.

I wonder now, had I been more self-aware when I was younger, would I have become so promiscuous in an attempt to learn?

It’s interesting to ponder, but being honest, changes nothing.

The awareness may not have been there, but I’ve always been pansexual. As Yael discusses in her piece, What I Mean When I Say I’m Pansexual, a broader definition of pansexuality.

Not knowing what it meant then, I remember always being in tune with nature, as a child. The loamy scent of the forest did something to my body I couldn’t explain. Sucking on wild honeysuckle, searching for wild sorrel so I could eat the fairy okra. Foraging dandelion leaves, to add to salad later.

I was always a strange child.

None of that, on the surface, seems sexual in nature. Looking back, the feeling I got from being in natural surroundings is the same charge I get when aroused.

You couldn’t have asked me to explain it then and even now, there are times I struggle finding words. Akin to being Alice, falling down the rabbit hole, allowing the world to take me where it will.

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