Self Love in the Time of a Pandemic

Spending extra time with our partners is fabulous, but what about our alone time?

Most of us have been given a lot of extra time with our families this past week. With an unsure future, this can be viewed as a blessing or a curse. I choose to see it as a blessing. Working from home is something I’ve done for years as a freelancer. My husband, not so much.

He’s a mover. Being still is not in his nature. The idea of sitting behind a desk for hours on end, quite frankly, makes him want to commit murder. He needs to constantly be doing something.

Since we have a three-year-old son in the house, that something, unfortunately, isn’t me.

That’s not to say we’re not still having amazing sex, it’s just not freaky circus sex all over the house all the time like it would be, sans three-year-old.

And that’s okay.

In a time when we’re all forced to spend in inordinate amount of time together, it’s imperative we find moments for ourselves. Sexy and otherwise.

Alone time is important. Self love is important.

Recently, I’ve acquired two new sex toys I’ve been wanting to try. In our house, nap time is my time. My husband isn’t usually home, our son is sleeping, and this Mommy is ready to read naughty words…

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