Stop Shaming Yourself For What You Desire

We're all a little kinky

The definition of kinky, in terms of sex, is involving or given to unusual sexual behavior. The bigger question is, based on whose definition of unusual?

Each person is individual in their tastes. When it comes to food, what I find too salty, someone else thinks is just right. It’s the same when it comes to sex and sexual acts.

One person’s every day fare would seem outlandish and kinky to someone else.

Shame, shame, shame

Sam Halliday recently wrote a piece about embracing our kinks and why it’s important. Sam reached out to me awhile ago, before he started writing on the platform, because he was concerned no one shared one of his particular kinks.

It’s our inner shame that causes us to remain quiet more often than not when it comes to expressing what we desire. But that shame has to come from somewhere. I don’t believe we’re born being ashamed of our bodies or our thoughts.

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