What's the Shame in Enjoying Prostate Pleasure?

Deriding men for something that brings pleasure should be a thing of the past.

Welcome to February! It’s the beginning of a new month, and after careful consideration, a new kind of newsletter from yours truly.

I’ll be coming to you more often, highlighting one article at a time. Today’s piece is a spotlight on prostate pleasure.

The first time a guy asked if I would insert a finger in his anus, I was 16 years old.

I’ll admit, I was taken aback and none too sure about the request, but I figured he knew what he liked. Who was I to judge?

Having zero experience with butt stuff up to this point, I began to ask questions.

  • Just one finger, right?

  • Do I just spit on it?

  • Do you want me to move it around or just leave it there?

Yes, yes, just leave it.

Okay, here we go!

I was preparing to give him a blow job when the request came in. So, I lubed up my forefinger and while sucking the head of his penis, I used my lubed finger to put pressure on the entrance to his anus.

It popped right in.

I wasn’t expecting that. Then again, I really didn’t know what to expect, but it sure wasn’t that. I thought there would be more resistance. I slid my finger the rest of the way inside and held it there while I completed the blow job.

Which lasted all of two minutes before he exploded in my mouth without warning.

It wasn’t my first blow job, but it was my first with prostate stimulation and I was enthralled.

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